Band Member Bios:

Bailey Daniels 

Bailey is one of the original founding members, along with Travis.  She plays rhythm guitar on live performances along with singing her wailing vocals.  She is currently attending college at Texas State University, and plans on moving up to Nashville to professionally establish the band once she is finished there

Travis Fairley

Travis is the original founding member of the band, as well as the manager.  His classic rock guitar style is the epicenter of the band’s song writing style; Travis generally writes guitar riffs, Bailey writes lyrics, and the other parts are assembled from there.  Travis is currently attending college at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, where he is working on networking the band and building up a following there.

Nathan Torma

Nathan lays down the funky bass lines like a true rocker.  He has performed with several other groups in the Dallas area in his time, as well as the Dallas School of Rock.  Deemed the “faceless bass dude,” he has been with the band for more than two years now.  He is attending community college and working in Dallas, and will move to Nashville as well when he finishes his community college career.

Thomas Dickerson

Thomas is the newest member of the band. He recorded on our latest single, Whole Lotta Rosie, and our second album that will be coming soon!  Stay tuned for more updates and cool content with Thomas, and give us a hand in welcoming him and his high energy that he brings to the stage and creativity he brings to our music!

Past Members:

Gary Fox

Gary is the most experienced player we have had in the band, and was a member for almost three years.  He has a vast array of pro touring performance experience, notably with Double Cross in the 80’s, with whom he opened for Pantera several times in Dallas.  He is great at keeping the rhythm section nailed down at all times, and though he unfortunately can not move to Nashville with us, he can be heard on our album Writ of Passage.