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The long awaited arrival is finally here! If you’ve been following The Revenant on our journey, you may already know, we had plans to relocate from Dallas, Texas to Nashville, TN. This idea has been in the works for multiple years, and we’re excited to finally share that we have relocated and settled into Nashville!

With a big band space and a room for each member, we are all enjoying our house to its full extent. Certainly, it hasn’t all been fun and games, between job hunting and trying to get addresses shifted, but we’re making the most of our new, busy schedules.

We had our final Dallas performance at Three Links in Deep Ellum where we put on a hell of a show and had an overwhelming support from our fans. We said goodbye to Dallas with a BANG and if you missed it, you can watch the live stream on our Facebook page. And as always, here are some killer photos from Joe Torma:

Achieving anything as a band in the last year has come with its fair share of obstacles. Between a world of COVID and continuing to be separated for college, it feels like a relief to finally come together in Nashville, and start fresh. Since arriving, we have already had three shows and certainly have more in the works. Additionally, our cover of Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC dropped everywhere in June! It’s available to stream anywhere, but here’s a quick access to Spotify.

We’re excited for our new journey here in Nashville, and we want to give a huge thank you for everyone who has been supportive in our transition process. Until next time Revelers! And to end on a bright note: here’s a family photo of The Revenant with our close friend, Claire Boudrot.

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Every meal you’ve ever eaten took preparation, every place you’ve travelled had a journey to get there, and every artist has a back story. Most people don’t consider the semantics of how bands are formed until they’ve watched a documentary on their favorite artist, but just like every other group, forming Revolution was a long process with bumps along the way.

  Starting in 2010, Revolution guitarist, Travis Fairley, took up guitar lessons so he could start learning crazy guitar solos like the legends. With influences like AC/DC, it’s no wonder that he honed his skill quickly to start playing the music that got him started in the first place. By 2013, Travis was looking to form a band as a fun way to showcase his talent. So, he started working with his guitar instructor to find other students to play with. By spring of 2014, Travis was still on the hunt for members to complete his ensemble, and as luck would have it, his instructor had a guitar student that dabbled in singing.

 Lead vocalist, Bailey Daniels, was invited by her guitar instructor to audition as a singer for a student-lead band called Revolution. With no vocal training, she went to audition where she met Travis Fairley. After initially meeting Travis, Bailey chose not to proceed as the lead singer. But after another year of juggling members, she was invited back in 2015, and again in 2016 where she permanently joined the band.

     For the next year and a half, Revolution bounced between multiple drummers. In early 2017, Revolution received a call from a neighbor who offered to fill in on drums if one was needed. So, Gary Fox, a rocker in his 50’s, signed up to drum for an upcoming gig. After playing with Gary, Revolution assessed the time they had left until graduation, and decided to invite Gary on permanently (or at least until they left for college). 

       In late 2017, the band experienced another member change when their long-term bass player decided to leave. As luck would have it, ads for a drummer were still floating around and it caught the eye of Nathan Torma. Nathan reached out to audition on drums, but after learning that it was a bass position that was open, informed the band that he played bass as well. Furthermore, Nathan had a mutual friend with the members of Revolution, so it was more than a perfect match.

As graduation approached, Revolution made a game plan for what would happen after they took on separate lives. By the end of 2018, it was decided that the band would stay together, and ultimately relocate to Nashville, Tennessee when college came to a close. Because of this, it was time to hunt for a drummer who could make the transition and was just as dedicated to the music. With Nashville growing closer, the band started making drummer suggestions in 2020. Bailey had kept in touch with a friend from high school who was a drumming prodigy, so in the summer of 2020, Revolution auditioned Thomas Dickerson. After auditioning two songs, Travis asked Thomas,

     Revolution is currently in the works of planning their relocation with the goal that someday they will become rock legends themselves. And this winter, they plan to start recording their second album and transition into a new name.